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"The Lawyer Collezione"


American Lawyer, Anthony Barbuto, is a legal pioneer in social media, making an impact in humanizing the legal profession with the creation of comical, wholesome and family-oriented content.  Now also a legal pioneer in the NFT space, Anthony has created a unique NFT collection that combines symbols of what his brand represents: Law, Fun, and Living Italian Style.  "The Lawyer Collezione" is a collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain, for your purchase and portfolio.

Holders of this NFT will become a part of The Lawyer Collezione Community, which affords all Holders with: a) 15-minute telephone call with Anthony to discuss the law (absent legal advice), social media or Italian travel; b) postcard from Italy on Anthony's next trip (if he has your address); c) access to Anthony's private discord; and d) chance to win a 7-day trip to Italy (flight and reasonable accommodations) for every 1000 NFTs sold.

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