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I'm an American lawyer with an international social media presence, often using the names "TheLawyer" or "ItalianEnthusiast" across many online platforms.  A pioneer in the legal industry on social media, I was the very first lawyer to be a verified TikTok creator, gaining over 2 million followers on that a platform alone.  Whether it's TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, my content often combines themes of law, comedy, family and Italy.

My mission in life is to create everlasting memories with my family and friends, and to provide wisdom, as well as financial and emotional stability to my children.  I utilize several estate planning tools that are designed to not only preserve wealth, but also to maintain the family harmony that I have worked hard to establish.  My mission is to help other like-minded people with their estate planning needs through my law firm, where thanks to video-conferencing, I can now service a larger group of clientele all over the states of California, Florida and New Jersey, where I am licensed to practice law.

In addition to drafting estate planning and other important legal documents, I love the one-on-one relationship I have with my clients in an area of law that is rewarding for me.  But whether you become a client or just remain a social media fan, I am grateful for your interest in my content and look forward to creating more content to share with you.

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Hire me as your lawyer

For the past 15-years I've practiced law primarily in Palm Beach County, Florida; however, with the growth of the Internet, social media and video-conferencing, I am now able to reach a larger clientele in the three states where I am licensed: Florida, California and New Jersey.  Whether it's estate planning, contract review/preparation, or a general consultation, it is my pleasure to help you with your legal needs.

TikTok for Professionals course

In 2018 I joined TikTok, being the first verified lawyer on the application.  Almost immediately I gained popularity on the app, and have since gained over 2 million fans, with some of my most viral videos taking place at my law firm.  I've been recognized by ABC News, The Daily Business Review, and The Florida Bar Association, among other notable publications, and I've appeared as a guest speaker on podcasts, school functions and lectures.  


TikTok has evolved over the years and is now an even better space for professionals to not only have fun, but also to gain recognition in their industry and grow their business.  My TikTok for Professionals Course is designed to educate other professionals about the platform and to provide them with knowledge, courage and strategies to be successful as a TikTok content creator.

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Free Legal Stuff

As an estate planning practitioner and family guy, I've developed a good understanding of the questions and concerns people have regarding estate planning and other family related legal documents (and now that I am a father, I know what is important for me).  For others interested in estate planning and protecting their family, I've created some free guides that will answer many questions and help you make important decisions about your future. 

"The Lawyer Collezione"

A legal pioneer in social media where I've made an impact in humanizing the legal profession, I am now a legal pioneer in the NFT space, creating a unique NFT that combines symbols of what "The Lawyer" represents: Law, Italy and Fun.  "The Lawyer Collezione" is a collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain, for your purchase and portfolio.

The Lawyer NFT


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For legal questions, click on the Hire Me link above and follow the links to my law firm's website.  For promotional and business collaborations, or for any personal questions, you can reach me here: or drop me a line:

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